A few weeks back we announced our brand new NO BULLSHIT LAB and we are proud to make official that we are adding 4 new startups to our family! It’s been fantastic to receive so many amazing applications from companies all over the world and we want to encourage you all to keep them coming: apply now to the NO BULLSHIT LAB!

We’re thrilled to finally be able to present you these 4 amazing, cutting-edge startups: flowpilot, Infinite Fingers, SourcingBot and Acellere are joining our GTEC Berlin and Frankfurt campuses. Learn more about these new members of our family below.




Bernd Thöne and Sophie Schwalbe, Co-Founders of flowpilot


Bernd Thöne, Co-Founder of flowpilot, brought the first concept of his startup and went through our GTEC Startup Academy. By now, flowpilot has grown into an incorporated company with several clients in the pipeline and added Sophie Schwalbe as Co-Founder and CTO.

flowpilot aims to solve the biggest pain for companies: 79% of business failures are caused by a lack of cash flow management. flowpilot helps Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) not only to survive the cash flow jungle but to thrive by providing them with an easy cash flow management solution. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide customers with a one-year cash flow forecast, helping to detect any cash flow issues and to provide customers with the solutions. In a nutshell: Flowpilot is all about easy and smart cash flow management.

“Being part of the GTEC Startup Academy, we had already experienced that the NO BULLSHIT LAB is a good place to grow. We’ve been impressed by the great community spirit within GTEC and THE NO BULLSHIT LAB, with other startup members and the GTEC team being always there to offer their help and advice. It’s just a great place to work and develop your startup!” – Bernd Thöne, Co-Founder of flowpilot.

flowpilot will be based mostly in our GTEC Berlin Campus but will soon be taking full advantage of our international reach thanks to our partnership with WeWork.

Learn more about flowpilot here




Infinite Fingers


Joan Tarragó, Patrick Cousins and Roy Emmerich, Founders of Infinite Fingers


With founders coming from Spain, South Africa and Germany, Infinite Fingers provides off-grid power system operators and integrators with the technology to keep their units up and running during their entire lifespan by offering a platform where they can integrate any technology or manufacturer to their system.

With this solution, Infinite Finger allows a central controller interconnectivity to all components of the system and all collected data is then stored on an online server for analysis, visualisation and reporting. By gathering this data onto a single platform, they provide a detailed report of the whole system, as well as remote management and configuration.

At this point of their startup journey, the founders of Infinite Fingers are looking forward expanding their network, getting inspiration from startup events and being connected to other entrepreneurs and mentors through the NO BULLSHIT LAB.

We can’t wait to have you daily in our Berlin offices, Joan, Patrick and Roy!

Learn more about Infinite Fingers here





Ran, Hindol, Eran, Ereli and Yoram from SourcingBot


SourcingBot is an Israeli company building the biggest comparable electronic parts database and in doing so, is optimizing the sourcing process for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) by allocating them at scale.

Nowadays, every electronic manufacturer goes through the process of finding his alternative electronic components. SourcingBot has built a part database from hundreds of electronic manufacturers and, using prediction models, they are able to unify this data sources into a large database. This solves a risk management issue for manufacturers and transfers a current manual action into the overall digitized process of manufacturing, also mitigating risk by providing real-time ongoing market monitoring for price and availability.

From the whole team, Ran Oren, Hindol Rakshit and Yoram Elisha will be growing SourcingBot from our Berlin offices at WeWork Potsdamer Platz.

“We applied to NO BULLSHIT LAB as we have been familiar with GTEC’s work for a long time, even at their times at ESMT we attended some of their meetups. We are very impressed with the network, it is an extremely professional corporate oriented graph of connections that could really help us expand. We have already enjoyed GTEC as a mean to get exposure in previous scenarios and we wish to continue doing that while sharing our product and experience with the NO BULLSHIT LAB.” – Ran Oren, Founder of Sourcingbot

Learn more about Sourcingbot here






Vishal Rai, CEO of Acellere and Sudarshan Bhide, CTO of Acellere


Acellere is the leading technology company driving a global mission for clean software code. The founders of Acellere, Vishal Rai and Sudarshan Bhide, have developed an intelligent software analytics platform, called Gamma, which helps people write better software. Their platform uses some of the most advanced software engineering principles and machine learning techniques under the hood and is being used across the board – from some of the largest companies in the world to the smart, intelligent and nimble startups.

Acellere decided to join the NO BULLSHIT LAB as they found it a program full of exciting opportunities and with plenty of doors that GTEC could open for them – they see our offer as quite unique and couldn’t pass on the chance to join us. The founders of Acellere will be taking advantage of the NO BULLSHIT LAB mostly in Frankfurt am Main, and they have additional offices in Tokyo, in Japan and Pune, in India.

We hope to help you to become even more international, Vishal and Sudarshan!

Learn more about Acellere here



We are thrilled to support these amazing entrepreneurs to scale up their companies with our offering in the next months. And don’t forget that the NO BULLSHIT LAB is open for applications all year long: take the leap and tell us about your startup today!


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