10398987_668236019986158_8785463837657925238_nIn April GTEC Berlin Startup Academy began its fifth semester. Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to the new cohort of founders and their teams from across the world who have joined the program.

GTEC Berlin Startup Academy is GTEC’s early-stage acceleration program. In a 3-month, 2 day/week program involving 60+ of Berlin’s most experienced CEOs and investors as mentors, the GTEC Startup Academy helps to turn an idea into a startup or to bring entrepreneurial drive to early-stage enterprises. Take a look here for more details.

For this week: meet RealPD, founded by architect Matthias Cremer and philosopher Christoph Widdau.

Explain your startup in a nutshell

RealPD is the first online network for initiating real estate projects. It efficiently connects the key players: investors, architects, project developers and builders/owners to start real estate projects.”

What are your backgrounds?

“We went to school together in Düren (in western Germany) and both came to Berlin about 10 years ago. We have worked on several projects together, such as discussing and writing studies about aesthetics and building culture, so we know we have a strong workflow and team spirit.

I (Matthias) studied architecture in Aachen, Stuttgart and Sevilla and worked for several architecture offices in Germany. Facade planning is my specialization. For family reasons I have been interested in real estate for many years.

I (Christoph) studied philosophy and political science. I did a doctorate and worked for several years at universities in Berlin and Potsdam, and still lecture in a range of humanities.”

What inspired you to dive into startup life and start your own business?

“We are inspired by three things: (1) by the intention to revolutionize the real estate market – especially the field of project development; (2) by the vision of creating an unifying platform in an highly competitive industry – the real estate market until now has been a black box, a black box we want to crack using innovative tools; (3) by the prospect of intensifying our work together to build a great company.

Who are your competitors?

“Our approach to create a unifying network for investors, architects, project developers and builders/owners is so unique that there are no direct competitors at this stage. That said, we have dozens of indirect competitors currently trying to break into the proptech scene.”

What makes your business stand out?

“The benefits of our platform for clients, compared to conventional business contracts, including connecting with international, national and regional players of the real estate market much faster and at a much lower cost, plus interacting directly with the business partners they need. RealPD improves the way users in the b2b market get information to start their projects. 20,000 professionals work in the field of project development in Germany. Ultimately using RealPD, everybody will be able to become a real estate project developer – whether professional or not.”

Who is your target group?

“We are inviting real estate investors, architects, project developers, builders and owners to register on our platform for free. We can connect them with the partners they are looking for – according to their needs (fundings, ideas, properties, events, cooperations…).”

13055864_693596170783476_6744554646904188096_oFuture plans?

“To become number one in enabling key players to start real estate projects, focusing initially on Berlin/Brandenburg and then beyond.”

Why GTEC Berlin Startup Academy (BSA)?

“BSA is the best place to put your business model under pressure. You get feedback for your ideas and the right questions to ask and answer yourself. It also offers a network of mentors and investors.”

Which song best describes how you work?

“Hysteria by Muse describes very well how we rock while working 24/7.”

Are you a top notch PHP software developer? RealPD are currently looking to hire a CTO. Check out their genius recruitment video!

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