September came and again brought another small but fantastic batch of amazing startups joining the GTEC family – this time in our new home at Mindspace Friedrichstraße!

After 7 past editions of the GTEC Startup Academy, our program is reaching the mark of over 30 accelerated startups and we couldn’t be prouder of their trajectory so far. Over the years, we’ve come to prioritise quality over quantity, not only in terms of the startups we take, but also in the resources allocated to each of them. Having fewer startups and founders in each edition, we guarantee we can provide the best guidance and results by Demo Day. And still, facing another cycle, we know the road is full of surprises, for our team and for the founders themselves.

We spent the summer scouting the best of what Germany and Europe have to offer in terms of entrepreneurship and, having considered 95 applications, this year by autumn we had 4 teams from different industries selected to spend the next 3 months attending the GTEC Startup Academy. With a program packed of essential learnings to create sustainable business models and featuring the most experienced entrepreneurs living in Germany as teachers and mentors, the following founders are en route to develop their early stage startups ideas into real businesses.

Ready to meet the new GTEC Startups Academy founders and learn from their entrepreneurial path? Here an overview of their projects:




Bernd Thöne, founder of ampyoo


Accounting is a constant pain for most companies, small and big. ampyoo is offering real time accounting and controlling as a service, providing sound cash flow management, reliable data for sound decision making and finally giving a solution so that the cooperation between tax consultants and companies works like a charm.

Founder Bernd Thöne has more than 10 years experience in taxation in Germany and also in technology consulting as an Agile project manager for IT and business projects. Out of frustration with existing solutions, he’s determined to find the right answer for accounting, catering to SMEs around Germany, to start with.





Yen Luu, founder of evleet


evleet is Germany’s first independent platform offering holistic e-Mobility solutions as transparent and convenient as possible for commercial customers, including a variety of different electric vehicles, charging stations and much more, depending on the individual needs of the customer.

Founders Yen Luu and Ikarus Janzen have both over 5 years experience as managers in the broader field of Information Technology (Yen) and Energy Storage & Renewable Energies (Ikarus). Yen, 31 years old and Computer Scientist, has worked in several corporations such as Volkswagen Group China, Deutsche Bank, as well as for Viessmann Smart Home Automation as a senior consultant.

Ikarus, 29 years old, studied Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University before becoming a business development manager and later managing a marketing team at the Fortune 500 giant Schneider Electric. On the business side, he has majored in Entrepreneurship. With evleet, Yen and Ikarus have set their focus on sustainable solutions with the goal to accelerate e-Mobility.




Stefanie Feder, founder of Projectroom


Projectroom believes in skills and competencies as the main aspects to take into account when hiring a professional – that’s why they want to build the intelligent career planner for the future focused on projects and experiences.

Founder Stefanie Feder holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources and Competence Development with New Media. She has worked as an e-learning and blended learning conceptionist: based on her experience she found that the regular HR application process needed to be disrupted and started the company already in 2015. Henryk Vogel joined ProjectRoom as a co-founder in January 2017 and is a former strategy director of Monster. He’s a visionary and he’s supporting the mission of Projectroom with his experience and network in HR.




Oleg Iskra, founder of Roborzoid


There is a massive shift towards voice interaction happening, but only big companies like Amazon, Google, or Apple have access to far-field voice recognition technology. And they don’t sell it as the technology itself but rather use it as a competitive advantage and expand their own closed ecosystems. Roborzoid believes that smaller companies and individuals should have access to such game-changing technology as well, and that’s why Roborzoid is building a platform for managing voice and gesture controlled intelligent devices and services within the Internet of Things space.

Essentially, Roborzoid creates the software guts of Amazon Echo or Google Home that developers can integrate into the devices or applications they are working on to make them voice controllable. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify and learn new commands in natural language based on previous user interactions.

Founders of Roborzoid are Ukrainian and Tatar, but have lived in many places around the world, founding different startups along the way. Mansur Suleman has a broad experience in project management and agile processes and is the idea creator of the Roborzoid brand. He’s very interested in embedded systems, real-time systems and JavaScript. Oleg Iskra possesses theoretical knowledge and practical skills in computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and comes with over 10 years of experience in software development industry.



Past experience tells us that many things will change for these young companies and founders by Demo Day. Will the names of the startups stay the same? How will their pitches and ideas evolve? Lots of learnings will be gathered and applied to their project – and that’s why we want you to be part of the journey. Classes have started already and we’ll be sharing updates about their progress as regularly as possible! On top, we’ll report about the weekly lessons of the GTEC Startup Academy, so our learnings can be your learnings too.

The Demo Day for this batch is already set: it will take place on 14th December 2017 at Unicorn Berlin – save the date! That’s a bit less than 3 months to go and we’re incredibly excited about witnessing the evolution of these 4 projects and the surprises on the road ahead. Thank you for being part of this adventure!

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