Breaking into GTEC’s brand new location, innovator and founder, Stephan Bayer, inspired and motivated the room with his insight into the marriage of education and entrepreneurship, where his company Sofatutor brings the benefit of the classroom into students’ homes.

Watch our live stream of his lecture now to follow Stephan through personal stories and valuable experiences!



Building a safe environment that fits school curriculums and empowers students to invest and get excited about their education, Sofatutor addresses the frustrations of students, from 1st to 12th grade, trying to work through difficult school assignments and concepts at home. Born in East Berlin and then later moving to a rural corner of East Germany, Stephen is an unlikely candidate for startup success but nevertheless turned his childhood experiences with handiwork into an urge to be proactive and inventive. In his candid lecture, Stephen took the room on a journey through the highs and lows of his career, proving Sofatutor to be the impactful consequence of personal endurance and zeal.

Today, 10-year-old Sofatutor is used by 100,000 students throughout Germany and Switzerland. With a monthly subscription, parents can support the advancement of their child’s education by giving them access to the 15,000 (and ever-increasing) uploaded videos and tutorials, as well as work exercises and face-to-face time with teachers, that Sofatutor has to offer.

Unlike free mediums, such as YouTube and Khan Academy, Sofatutor is a comprehensive and dependable tool to its user. Uploaded video content is carefully vetted by field professionals and then animated to ensure the utmost clarity of information while remaining enjoyable and accurate. Transforming the at-home learning experience, Stephan incorporated interactive worksheets and live teacher-student chat as an integral component of his platform.

After starting an NGO, which instituted youth projects in education systems, at the age of 17, Stephan saw the rewarding effect of funding in social work. He continued to explore ideas that could better people’s lives into college, where he began what would eventually evolve into Sofatutor. Although, as he explained, the trajectory of his career has seen multiple bumps, Stephan’s desire to affect social change with tangible outcome inspired a tenacity that gave Sofatutor a future. Stephan expects to expand his platform internationally after further establishing and refining partnerships with schools, students, and parents throughout Germany and Switzerland.

Stephan took the time to carefully tailor his lecture to the audience’s questions prior to his talk. If you would like to hear his advice directed at someone looking to develop or improve a startup, watch his 1-minute Startup Wisdom below.

For all who came out to see Stephan speak, thank you for your participation! And for those who wish to attend future Open Lectures, we look forward to meeting you at the GTEC campus every other Wednesday. Never miss a GTEC event by subscribing to our newsletter or adding our Event Calendar to yours!


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