A very special talk with GTEC’s own Managing Director, Alexander Piutti, gave an exclusive introduction to the transformation of speculative creativity into concrete solutions which address real social problems. Alex opened up to the audience about his multiple companies, past and present, involving social impact ranging from technology to food waste. If you missed Alex’s Open Lecture watch our livestream below!

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Passionate about growth and innovation of social businesses, Alex explained the need for a partnership model in order to effectively institute impactful social change. In his Open Lecture, he urged the audience to consider what most would describe as competitors to be potential partners instead, such that creative minds may work together to develop a system of innovation and support.

While Alex has applied his own advice to many of his past companies, maintaining important partnerships that make cracking social problems possible, we also see his attachment to this model in his close working connection to GTEC. GTEC is a platform that involves both the corporate and startup world to address difficult social issues in a way that empowers both ends of the entrepreneurial spectrum.

Turning his focus from Internet companies to food waste, Alex’s most recent venture, SirPlus, strives to solve the problem of world hunger by reintroducing food surplus into the economy. SirPlus is a marketplace that looks at where food is being systematically wasted, at all levels of the production chain, and feeds such waste back into society.

Using his location in Berlin as a blueprint for the greater world, Alex’s company partner’s with key players in the local food industry in order to form an impactful system that collectively has the tools to attack food waste and hunger at a large scale. In his talk, Alex pointed to the United Nations globally agreed upon set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as a framework for cracking major problems of modern society.

Alex’s passion for global change may be attributed to his international education, as he moved from a minute rural town in Germany as a young boy to Hong Kong, for high school, and then later to the United States for his University studies.

A seasoned entrepreneur himself, Alex opened up about the mistakes and inspiring accomplishments of his career, giving the audience a glimpse into his success. He stressed, most importantly, the balance between creativity and continuity when attempting to create social change and see physical outcomes, as well as the importance of developing a business model that generates income in order to access the tools necessary to yield social betterment. Today, Alex continues his fight against world hunger with his company underway, SPRK, which will distribute excess processed food from businesses to people at a groundbreakingly large scale.

We hope you enjoyed this opportunity to meet Alex Piutti in person and hear him talk about how to solve global problems. Thank you for coming to hear Alex share his insight and advice! If you would like to attend future GTEC Open Lecture events, we welcome you to join us at our campus every other Wednesday.

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