An interview by Mor Eini, Innovation Program Manager, with our Speakers, Prof. Dr. Martin Wrobe and Bjoern W. Schaefer

The secret world of B2B SALES!

written by Lisa-Marie Mützlitz

We had the pleasure to host two experts in the sales word, Prof. Dr. Martin Wrobel, and Bjoern W. Schaefer to talk about their experiences in B2B Sales, followed by a great discussion with GTEC NO BULLSHIT LAB startups.

Martin Wrobel is a visiting Professor at Berlin School of Economics and Law and a researcher at Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society.

Bjoern W. Schaefer is the Head of Corporate Health & Benefits at Urban Sports GmbH, the market Leader in B2B in Germany. The company offers a flat rate for all kinds of sports activities in the city, e.g. in Berlin, where club member can choose between different activities (yoga, swimming, gym workout, bouldering and lots more).

Both shared with us their success, challenges and lessons learned.

According to the German/ European Startup Monitor and the Startup Genome Report, customer acquisition is the #1 challenge for Internet startups, but the most important to startups. Sales is the only revenue-generating part of the organization, while everything else is a cost center.

They also emphasized the difference between sales and marketing. Sales is very deep and narrow. If your potential client is not interested in your product, he will say it out loud to you and you have the chance to make it better. Marketing gives you a kind of feedback through KPI or other measurable, but not as deep as sales.

Here are some helpful pieces of advice they shared with us:

  1. Start to build your own sales process. Include how clients should become aware of you etc. In the end making a proposal to get your first time customer.
  2. Know who your ideal (perfect) customers are and do the right prospecting.
  3. Sales is all about prioritization so focus on focus.
  4. Following-ups is absolutely key, be charming and persistent.
  5. Always be direct. When it comes to closing, ask for the sale.
  6. Never ever sound desperate when the client is going to turn away. Always be confident. Every no you get with sales is a chance to learn and get better.


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