We’re starting this September with a calendar full of exciting events and welcoming 6 new startups to our GTEC NO BULLSHIT LAB. Meet the lucky entrepreneurs who are going to enjoy the perks of working with the GTEC family for the next 12 months, including free coworking at our Berlin Campus in WeWork Potsdamer Platz, tailor-made startup and scaleup guidance program, mentoring sessions with our network of over 200 seasoned mentors in exchange of 0% equity!



AiServe Technologies aims to improve human lives through Artificial Intelligence by developing the first computer vision navigation and assistance system in Healthcare. Their first launch will be an assistive wearable for people suffering from sight-loss.

Gustavo Madico and Javier Carceller see the NO BULLSHIT LAB as an opportunity to grow their team and connect with more partners in the German ecosystem. They’ve seen and participated in the startup ecosystem growth in China, which at start gathered dozens of people meeting monthly to now bringing together thousands of people in big conferences, all happening the span of few years. They would like to bring the same spirit to Berlin and add their knowledge of the AI being developed in Asia to the European scene.



Glossom is a social commerce platform for the beauty community, enabling users to connect and shop relevant beauty products using video, social, and AI. For founders Fatih Girisken and Isaiah Pegues, the offer of GTEC’s NO BULLSHIT LAB was a perfect fit: apart from the need for office space, they were drawn by the opportunity to learn from mentors, meet more investors and find customers through GTEC’s regular events.



OrgOS is an innovative organisational operating system providing Management and HR with the necessary hr tools to empower employees and leaders of tomorrow. They allow companies to recruit, retain and engage their workforce via one seamless platform, fostering employee-centricity and offering the ability to scale sustainably. Founded in 2017, OrgOS has clients operating in 5+ countries and are looking forward to expanding to many other markets.

For the OrgOS founders, it was very important that the NO BULLSHIT LAB, unlike many other startup programs, offers a plan focused on startups which already have market traction and doesn’t require giving away equity. For them, it’s an excellent opportunity to increase their network by sharing and receiving knowledge at events. Since NBL has some high-profile startups and well-known, experienced entrepreneurs in its portfolio, they feel like we are able to provide them with really valuable insights.


3G Proxy

3G Proxy is a mobile carrier-based testing solution for mobile ads and services. Their testing and monitoring tool allows advertisers, ad agencies or ad & affiliate networks to test mobile campaigns, direct carrier billing or SMS delivery remotely by using mobile carriers worldwide. Their solution allows clients to get access to a worldwide network of 3G/4G modems (with built-in SIM cards from 140+ mobile operators) and experience the mobile web through the eyes of their customers. Therefore, clients can test their localized content (like advertisements or apps) as if they were physically located in their requested foreign country, using their mobile phone.

The 3G Proxy team decided to apply for the NBL because of the great network possibilities with other entrepreneurs and the high number of learning opportunities it offers. Being based in Montenegro, they considered having an outpost in Berlin as the best way to reach more markets, as the German capital is one of the most important startup hubs in Europe.



brytes makes websites responsive to human feelings. Their technology introduces ‘digital empathy’ as a new form of online personalization: via psychographic real-time analytics of the user’s digital body language, brytes understands individual moments and psychological needs of every single website visitor. This way, users get a personalized customer experience depending on their situation, feelings and needs, which enables a more intuitive interaction with the website and easier decision-making while shopping. The technology is by design GDPR-compliant as the startup only uses non-personal data for the analytics process.

As a startup that has already closed their seed round and is steering towards their next series, the founders of brytes felt like they don’t really fit in accelerator programs anymore. That’s why the NO BULLSHIT LAB felt appealing: for them, it was the ideal environment to receive experienced support tailored for their needs. This way they can use their time and resources more efficiently by not participating in a standard curriculum but still get the help that advances their business goals. Also, as they are originally founded in Dortmund, the NBL is a bridge to the Berlin startup eco-system for them.


We hope you find these 5 new startups as exciting as we do! We’re looking forward to hosting events with them and helping them make all their wildest business dreams come true. Stay tuned for their ride by subscribing to our newsletter!

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