At GTEC, we believe that entrepreneurship is a teachable skill, and we aim to promote and develop the discipline while using academic resources to support startups and entrepreneurs. However, we can’t do it alone – which is why we’re excited to announce our most recent partnerships with globally-renowned academic institutions: New York University (NYU) in New York, USA, Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) in Waterloo, Canada, and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in Istanbul, Turkey.

New York University

NYU is a private nonprofit research university in New York City, and is one of the most highly rated universities in the world. The NYU SoE incubator program features three incubators which provide the tools necessary for startups to grow into successful, sustainable companies and since its inception in 2009, has helped its companies create more than 1,256 jobs and raise more than $175 million in capital. The NYU – GTEC partnership enables our entrepreneurs entering the U.S. market to access the NYU network, as well as their support and infrastructure, giving them important insight into the US market, as well as exposure to potential investors, partners, clients, and selected experts. The NYU Incubators serve as an ideal cooperation partner thanks to its outstanding engineering expertise and its activities in the tech startup arena and we are so proud to have them on board.

Wilfrid Laurier University

WLU is quite special to us, as they were our inspiration when we started dreaming up the idea of GTEC in 2014. Waterloo is one of the largest and fastest growing tech hubs and WLU has been a leader in entrepreneurship and social innovation education. WLU is also a founding academic partner of Communitech, the region’s industry innovation centre, and its widely recognized as one of the best places for the development and implementation of technology innovation between corporates and startups. A central objective of this partnership is the international cooperation with Germany – especially with our major partners in the Berlin and Frankfurt area – and the mechanism to provide a platform for the startups to benefit from networking, discussion, and potential cooperation with entrepreneurs on both sides of the pond.

Istanbul Technical University

Last but certainly not least, we are proud of our partnership with ITU. ITU ARI Teknokent is the technology development zone of ITU, hosting more than 250 tech companies with more than 6,500 people working on tech- and innovation-based products and services and more than USD 1 billion in exports, making it the leading tech cluster of Turkey. In line with promoting startup excellence, this partnership aims predominantly at young companies in the early growth stage. Such startups are supported with office and workshop spaces, a strong partner network in science, engineering, business and politics, experienced mentors and an international orientation.

We are very proud that these prestigious universities are joining our cadre of academic institutions, helping us to achieve our mission of promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship not only in Germany, but around the world.


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