Raethke RepublicYesterday, Christoph Räthke, GTEC’s Director Education, wrote this rousing article in Business Punk concluding that we’re lamenting the wrong aspect of the German entrepreneurship scene. What we need, he writes, is not Stanford and more billionaires, but people getting out there and simply doing something.

A quick summary of his argument below, plus the link to the full article here. Enjoy!

At the universities in Bonn, Lüneberg and Bayreuth, there are examples of professors who are prepared to go beyond the call of duty and bring in experts from the private sector to tell their students about the potential of becoming an entrepreneur when they graduate. The Stockholm School for Entrepreneurship in Sweden – founded as a voluntary organisation by five professors from a range of universities, wanting to create a curriculum for entrepreneurship and business for free – has shown us how powerful this sort of initiative can be.

Address the same topic in Germany and people start asking for money – billions of it – without anybody suggesting that with a bit of imagination and energy something similar could be created just like that. After all, there are 39 universities in Berlin, but here each has their own institute for entrepreneurs with its own specific focus.

With more collaboration the results would be so much more powerful, both in content and external engagement. It would be more efficient too – saving precious money and resources.  So it’s not about creating a German elite university, a German Stanford, as so many people are calling for. Instead we should look to other places (read Sweden!) and find a better way of making the absolute most out the resources we already have.

It’s time to stop asking for money and to start meeting with colleagues, getting corporations involved and building our own ecosystem!

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