On April 20th, we had our Opening Event to celebrate our new hub in Frankfurt am Main. Here are the ten best parts of the night:


  1. We officially introduced our new GTEC Frankfurt team to the world: Anders Indset, a deep thinker bringing much-needed philosophy to the world of business; Johannes Peschko, angel investor extraordinaire; and Robin Weninger, the go-to guy in Germany for guiding organisations through their challenges in management and beyond.

2. We had pretzels and two fridges stocked with wine. (GTEC will never leave you thirsty nor hungry<3)

3. The former mayor of Frankfurt, Petra Roth, attended the event and was welcomed to the dinner where she gave a short speech on entrepreneurship in Frankfurt. To quickly summarize her speech, she said that things are changing and no one can stop this. Now more than ever, it’s important for Frankfurt to adapt and to embrace the change. All the ingredients already exist in Frankfurt: we have the talent, the money, and the ideas – we just needed a catalyst and GTEC is that catalyst to bring the vision to fruition.

Petra Roth, former mayor of Frankfurt

4. We had the startuppers in the same room interacting with high-level power players – many of Frankfurt’s movers and shakers were here. And this is what GTEC is all about – bringing together vastly different groups of people under one roof and having them learn from each other.

5. Our working student Anastasia spent 3 hours in the freezing Frankfurt cold welcoming our guests. The main takeaway? GTEC has the greatest team ever #dreamteam

6. Frankfurt was vibrating with the GTEC energy yesterday! We had over 300 people moving in and out of our office space – this was the place to be.

7. Our Managing Director, Benjamin Rohé, made an inspirational speech about his vision for GTEC Frankfurt. Here’s what he had to say about the night: “This is the only event in Frankfurt since ages that brought together high-level executives of large corporations, founders and lovers of startups, and academics all in one place. After the huge success of the night, I can really see that Frankfurt is ready for a change – and we already have the first applications from national and international startups to join our Frankfurt base.”

8. One of the greatest parts of the event is one that will remain: the amazing JUNGHOF space sponsored by Union Investment and Tishman Speyer, our newest industry partners. GTEC Frankfurt will have an entire floor suited for growing tech startups that are ready to conquer the market and another level with a room just for executive education workshops – we’re not forgetting about the corporates in Frankfurt and they’ll be working right alongside the startups in our Frankfurt entrepreneurship hub. The GTEC Frankfurt space will be a home to innovative and international startups, as well as to the innovation departments of several corporations created to further develop their ideas with support of GTEC. Not to mention the view is pretty great, too!

9. Having some of our startups from Berlin at the opening event to support – we love you guys!


10. And last but not least, one of the best parts of the opening event was getting the chance to individually talk to people about how they plan to get involved at GTEC. Everyone had their own ideas for how they want entrepreneurship to evolve in Frankfurt and how they see GTEC supporting these initiatives. GTEC is proud to now be in one of the most economically powerful regions of Europe, helping the growing Frankfurt startup scene to flourish alongside big corporations, the hidden SME champions, and academic institutions.


Thanks for the awesome night, Frankfurt – let’s do great things!

(click through the photos below to see some highlights of the night!)

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