We are on the brink of a dramatic transformation!

The rise of machines will completely change our society, our businesses, and our culture – and we need to start preparing for the new opportunities that will come.

The innogy Innovation Hub was a proud partner of this year’s TEDx Hamburg, where they took it upon themselves to reach out into the machine economy in order to become a global ecosystem enabler. As Sören Stamer said on the TEDx stage, we must “build a just society for the age of AI”. It’s time for Europe to leverage technological change for the good of society and the IPRIZE Challenge is here to help. 

This is where you come in. If you’re working on a project dealing with AI, blockchain, automation, machine learning – anything assisting in the transition to a world where humans coexist with machines – then accept the IPRIZE Challenge!

As a startup, you can win up to 250k seed investment. If you’re an individual working on saving the world, you can win a 6-month idea incubation support including a 2k/month stipend and 1:1 mentorship. All it takes is a few minutes to answer 10 questions and you’re well on your way to being selected as the IPRIZE Challenge winner! Check it out here: www.f6s.com/iprize

At the innogy Innovation Hub, they are doing everything from testing the next generation of secure peer-to-peer transactions to combining IoT machines with decentralised platforms. Their work is spanning across all industries – from energy and mobility to manufacturing and supply chains. They are also focusing on the machine economy. As Thomas Birr, the innogy Innovation Hub’s Head of Strategy and Innovation said in his article about the needs of machines: “As innovators understand the needs (and potential) of machines rather than humans, they can start exploring new opportunities for collaboration across industries and borders.” This is where the innogy Innovation Hub comes in – as the backbone of the new machine economy, ushering in and supporting the new possibilities – with the IPRIZE and beyond.


The new machine economy will have a big impact on our global society. This is not the time to be passive and watch as our cultures, societies and businesses change – we must stand up and take leadership. Join us in building a strong machine economy ecosystem – a better future starts with you.



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