Meeting investors is not an easy task for entrepreneurs passionate about their idea but with limited time and resources. We do know that and a few weeks back we set ourselves with the challenge to bring as many investors from as different backgrounds and investment styles as possible in the same room. This time though, we wanted to give it an interesting twist to the usual setup and we asked investors to pitch to the startups attending. What’s incredible about Berlin is that our ecosystem, while growing fast, is still a place where you can pull such an ambitious event off, because the people who are part of the startup scene in Berlin answer the call and make it happen.

So on November 30, we hosted an incredibly crowded event thanks to the support of 14 Berlin-based VCs and of course, thanks to the 300 guests who made it for the afternoon to our GTEC Berlin Campus. We started the afternoon having each one of the VCs attending showing us their website, telling us in which industries and types of startups are they mostly focused on, what they are looking to see in a startup approaching them and what are their deal-breakers and the things they are looking for in companies and founders to invest in.


The roaster of VCs pitching was truly impressive: Christian Nagel, Managing Partner of Earlybird, representing the classic VC approach; Aljoscha Kaplan from German Media Pool VC, Bastian Faulhaber from Redstone, a corporate multi-fund; Tanja Emmerling from High-Tech Gründerfonds, a semi-public fund; Axel Menneking from Hub:raum, a corporate early-stage investor; Philipp Hartmann from Rheingau Founders, a company builder; Alexander Krausse from Cherry Ventures, an entrepreneurs’ angel fund; Daniel Höpfner from, pre-seed angels; Jochen Wolf from Innogy Innovation Hub, a corporate early-stage fund; Nikolas Samios from, a venture capital family office; Benjamin Rohé from and also part of Leapfunder, an angel investment syndication platform; Timo Dreger from Coparion, a co-investment VC fund; and last but absolutely not least, Luis Shemtov from Berlin Innovation Ventures, a deep-tech investment fund.


Watch their positive and negative pitches (what they invest and what they don’t invest in) in the livestream of the event:



Right after the VCs completed their pitches, we had a few selected startups and spontaneously invited a bunch more to pitch and get feedback from the investors on whether they would or wouldn’t invest in them and why. Flowpilot, ProjectRoom, Glossom, Byrd, Forexfix, StarkMobility and PlantLX had the opportunity to share their ideas and products with the audience and with the round of feedback, we closed the program and let the crowd get in the networking mood!

Once the pitches were done, we took aside a few VCs and asked them about their impressions of the afternoon and more details about their investments. Watch their interviews below:







We truly hope this event was beneficial to the Berlin startup ecosystem as a whole: for both investors, startups and general public curious about what’s going on between them. We’re thinking on the next edition of this event and we’d love to hear your feedback to include it in the next round – leave your thoughts in the comments!


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