Startup Europe

GTEC is proud to be an official Startup Europe Ambassador as part of the Horizon 2020 EU Project to foster exchange between startup ecosystems within Germany, Europe and beyond.


What is Startup Europe?


Startup Europe was founded in 2011 and has become an important partner in the European startup sector, helping to build a pan-European startup network together with ecosystem partners such as GTEC.

The two pillars of the initiative are intended to create a visible, networked and separate space in which startups can get advice, find partners and grow locally or internationally, hubs can find financing opportunities to grow faster throughout the continent and support transnational networks of stakeholders and grassroots initiatives.

Thanks to Startup Europe’s efforts, 715 startups have already received direct support to raise more than 200 million euros on the capital market; 900 pitching sessions with investors have been held, over 500 transnational meetings and networking events occurred and 350 matchmaking sessions have been organised between start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs.

In the first week of February 2017, Startup Europe Week organised 411 events in the 28 Member States. And the Startup Europe Awards have used the Eurovision model to select national champions in 18 Member States. There have been 110 activities to internationalize startups and more than 180 startups have participated in activities in India, Africa and Silicon Valley.

In addition, the one-stop-shop for startups ( offers information and support, in particular, to help startups grow internationally.

What are Startup Europe Ambassadors?


Over the years, hundreds of stakeholders, initiators and doers in the field of technology and start-ups have joined the Startup Europe (SE) initiative. The importance of this initiative depends not least on the Community’s strong support.

Participants in this community, who are currently contributing to the growth of Startup Europe as a bottom-up movement, have been invited to become Startup Europe Ambassadors. Startup Europe Ambassadors represent a group of important multipliers in the European start-up ecosystems that actively support Startup Europe’s activities.

The aim of this movement is to democratise access to Startup Europe by opening up the initiative to our partners and thereby giving them the opportunity to improve the initiative. Startup Europe Ambassadors are selected organisations that have successfully participated in a call for tenders within the framework of ICT projects of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research programme, as well as partners in the pilot projects Start This Up! and OpenMaker.

What do Startup Europe Ambassadors do?


Startup Europe Ambassadors like GTEC actively contribute to the visibility of Startup Europe by acting as a key contact point in their respective countries and informing them about the activities of Startup Europe or by bringing the Startup Europe team into contact with relevant stakeholders in their local startup environment.

We seek feedback and provide the European Commission’s Startup Europe team with innovative insights that contribute to the continuous improvement of the initiative’s activities.