emergingleaderThis year there are partial scholarships available for startup founders for the Emerging Leaders Program at ESMT, run by Nora Grasselli (Program Director and Management specialist): https://www.esmt.org/executive-education/executive-development-programs/leadership/emerging-leaders-program

The program is aimed at people taking up their first leadership position, whether founding and growing their own company or in an established organisation. They will have two modules: 4 days in Berlin and 3 days in Athens. Topics include: leadership transition, status, group dynamics, leadership styles, motivating self and others, change, leadership communication…

By inviting startup founders to join the program, ESMT wants to bring together emerging leaders from the startup and corporate worlds to share their experiences of leadership and different perspectives on the challenges it involves. 

The partial scholarships cover part of the tuition, reducing it to €2000, €2500 or €3000 for three or four candidates.

Contact Nora if you are interested or forward this post to potential candidates. Application deadline is April 15th 2016.

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