Proptech Innovation Award


1. What is GTEC?

German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) is the first open, private-sector campus for entrepreneurship in Europe, connecting major companies, universities, and startups. GTEC was launched in 2015 with the support of six founding partners, representing German industry, academia, venture capital and law: RWE, Globumbus, ESMT, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, and the Sigmund Kiener Stiftung. GTEC’s partners look to drive collaborative innovation, promote disruptive entrepreneurship in Europe, and connect with high-potential startups.

2. What is the GTEC Proptech Innovation Award?

To support and promote innovation in the field of property technology, GTEC and sponsor Union Investment have launched the Proptech Innovation Award, open to all relevant startups from anywhere in the world. The total prize money is EUR 35,000, to be awarded EUR 20,000 (Gold); EUR 10,000 (Silver); EUR 5,000 (Community). The contest is industry and stage agnostic. In addition, all startups entering into the Proptech Innovation Award will be considered for GTEC Lab membership.

3. What is the GTEC Lab?

GTEC Lab, based in 1200 square meters on the ESMT Campus in central Berlin, has a unique value proposition: 0% equity, 0 euros rent, 12-months free support. Qualifying startups benefit from free office space; prototyping facilities; business, legal, and tax consulting; and direct access to GTEC’s corporate, research, and investor network.

4. When and where is the Award Ceremony?

On Wednesday 17th May at the ESMT Campus in central Berlin (where GTEC is resident). We’d love it if you can make it, though obviously no problem if you can’t – you still have the chance to be a winner.

5. Can I apply with more than one idea?

Yes! please do. We’re interested in all of your proptech-related ideas. The only thing you’ll notice is that the F6S platform prevents multiple entries under one username. To submit multiple ideas then please just log in using a different email account and submit your next idea there. Email us at if you get stuck.

6. What stage does my startup have to be at?

Any. We welcome applications from people who just have an idea, from startups just coming together to work on a prototype, as well as from established businesses. What we’re interested in is the quality of your ideas and your potential to make it happen.

7. What about Intellectual Property rights?

The proposals submitted must be based solely on original work by the applicants and their proposed developments must be free of third party rights obligations; or these should be clearly stated. All IPR created by the applicants using the GTEC Proptech Innovation Award funding will remain the property of the applicants, who will be the sole owners of the technologies created within the framework of their funded projects.

8. Who will be judging the contest?

Union Investment, GTEC Directors and a panel of proptech experts.

9. What criteria will be used for judging the competition?

As you may have guessed, there’s a whole lot that will go into determining the winner of a broad-scope proptech competition, therefore we will leave you with this general statement: Projects will be ranked in order of overall potential impact and profitability. The more you tell us about what you’re working on, the better.