On February 21st at the GTEC HQ, we’re kicking off our first meetup in the Future of AI in Berlin series!

This is a meetup series for all those interested in or working in the field of AI – now there’s finally a space for you to come and share your ideas, problems, achievements and concerns about anything and everything AI.

The moderator will be Paul Thiekoetter of Fly Ventures and we’ve conducted a small interview with him to learn more about how he feels about AI and why meetups like this are so necessary for Berlin.

Why is AI so important?
The game-changing potential of AI comes from the fact that it vastly expands the realm of tasks that can be solved through technology. Once it has reached human like levels, in theory all human tasks can be handled by machines. Getting there is a long way to go and a step by step process. However, we can already see that for every task, where AI can replace humans, it very quickly surpasses them, so soon we expect AI to be used by almost every company in one form or another.

Why is it important to do AI meetups in Berlin?
Berlin has rapidly evolved as one of the dominant startup hubs in Europe. The first wave of digitization here was driven by business models with a relatively low technology component and a strong focus on execution and processes. AI driven business models require a different focus. They require a strong technology component for the underlying technology and a strong product component in order to entice usage, which is important to generate training data for the AI algorithms. In London we can already see how in the AI field, there is an extensive exchange between the established business, startup and academic community. Berlin is lacking this, but it will need to take these next steps if it wants to remain a top startup hub.

So let’s take the next steps together to build a vibrant AI community in Berlin! Join the meetup here: https://www.meetup.com/GTEC-Meetups/events/237214845/


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