GTEC Innovation Roundtables



In our mission to connect academia, startups, and big companies to innovate better together, we host a range Innovation Roundtables. Each month, we invite expert speakers plus anyone else interested to talk about the latest cutting-edge topics.

The energy market revolution – be a part of it! 

Hosted by Andreas Kuhlmann (CEO of Dena – German Energy Agency) | Next meetup:

AgTech Meetup @ GTEC 

Hosted by Thomas Hessler (Xanox Founder and Globumbus Partner) | Next meetup:

G-Force: put your startup idea under pressure before others do it!

Hosted by Christoph Raethke (Director GTEC Berlin Startup Academy) | Next meetup: Monday 29th February

Technology & Health

Hosted by Larissa Kryuchkova (Uvisio Founder) & Nicholas Caporusso (dbGlove Founder) | Next meetup:

Smart Mobility

Hosted by Balazs Szabo (Konetik Founder) | Next meetup:

For more information on all GTEC events, including our bi-weekly Open Lecture series, check out our events calendar here.